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Policy concerning Elimination of Antisocial Forces

Rising Trust Group (hereinafter called as “Company”) hereby recognizes that it is material and common social issue to prevent damages by any groups or individuals that pursue their economical profit using violence, power and fraudulent method, futhermore, to reject Anti-Social Force that is threatening social order and safety and constricting healthy growth of economy and society. Therefore, Company hereby establishes and declares its five basic policies against Anti-Social Forces as follows:

1. Cope in an organized manner

Company as a whole will cope with Anti-Social Forces in an organized manner.

2. Collaboration with external specialists

Company will make constant efforts to create close and collaborative relationships with external specialits.

3. Eliminate any relationship

Company will eliminate any relationships whatsoever with Anti-Social Forces.

4. Reject unreasonable demands

Company will reject unreasonable demands from Anti-Social Forces, and take legal actions, both civil and penal, as needed.

5. Prohibition of backstage deal or funds

Company do not provide any exceptional favors, backstage deal or funds whatsoever to Anti-Social Forces.

Established on November 11, 2011
by Kazutaka Suzuki, CEO
Rising Trust Group

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